Chris MorrisseyMeet your money-man!

I’m Chris, a lowly commoner living outside a tiny village that no-one has ever heard of, slap bang in the middle of the English countryside.Β 

I enjoy a good ale and some banter, but most of my time is spent rummaging for riches in the financial markets. I’m not the only one! Investing is a brutally competitive sport, and between you and me, it’s nigh-impossible to beat the market consistently without experience in corporate finance. However…

Still a young fella in my early twenties, I count myself lucky to have worked for a financial advisory firm called PTE Financial Services and received a big break with City commodities trader, ED&F Man. Investing is more than a job to me, which is why I’ve read books-galore on the subject. I can invest, and I can invest wellConsider this an open invitation for you to join me! 

A hundred hours spent on this website will put you in the driving seat of your finances, but there’s no such thing as easy money. You have to earn it. You need big balls to be a stock picker, putting in the grunt work to dig up insights others don’t know, so you can eventually make a good bet against the crowd and profit from skill, not luck.Β 

There’s no point going through all that if it’s not for the long-term, so day traders and speculators, please click the small, red ‘x’ in the top left of your browser. Still on-board with me but feeling a little shy? Take your first baby steps here

All my educational content is 100% free. I’m very proud of that. The testimonials I’ve received are priceless, and being just a call away for budding beginners is really cool.Β 

Let’s not pussyfoot though, I’m a businessman at heart and time is money! What I get out of this arrangement is $450 if you buy my <COMING SOONπŸ˜…> and $40 per half-hour if you’d like phone call guidance. I’m keen for those to be good investments on your part.

Anyway, welcome on-board, grasshopper! Reach out, say hello, get started here, and let’s get the stock market under control, together!

P.S) I also write a market round-up every morning for Invstr, a fantasy finance app. Fun gig!