What Are We Looking For?

You’re judging things that are all very country specific and subject to change. The key question you need an answer to, if none else, is this:

You can make it more niche’d to people who work in the specific sector you wish to invest in. You may also want to know the wider macro threats that could impact a stock investment.

But that’s it. All the many factors that go into answering this main question are stretched out and aggregated. I’m helping you make sense of them.


If I could only tell you one thing about Chinese stocks, this would be it:

President Xi Jinping wields the power to get anything that suits him, not necessarily investors like us. This issue is for life as he’s a president literally for life, an indirect manager of any business we buy. So, yet another element of unshakable speculation layered on top of a Chinese investment thesis.

With a committee armed full of allies, he’s got the leverage to pursue whatever he says he plans. He wants to polish off China and doing see he feels, will create a ‘Chinese Dream’ for young people. How will that compare to the good old ‘American Dream’? That question marks the line between investment and speculation. So what does Jinping plan?

  • Ending corruption
  • Shutting down inefficient manufacturers

The hurricane like force over China that is President Xi could blow some industries, and some stocks, into bigger and better business. Well the GDP zoom that President Xi has witnessed and continues to contribute to – is nothing short of a miracle. It’s moving most business from the rural, agricultural areas to the big cities. So, urbanisation has intensified.

Let’s take a road trip around the cities and see what China’s most important industries are going to look like over the next 10 years.

Chris Morrissey

Chris started in financial advisory, assembling client portfolios with pension companies and investment banks. Following that, he worked at an agricultural commodities trader in London and now various "fintech" start-ups. He's also studying business full-time at Lancaster University. Feel bewildered by the stock market? Chris will help you get things under control.

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