Landlord Industry

You can own a whole portfolio of commercial real estate, playing the landlord role and earning your worth in tenant’s rent.

I’m going to train you in how to probe these landlord stocks and how to truly invest in REITs. Let’s get started!

The Bottom Line

REITs are worthwhile. They’re not just another industry to own stocks in, they represent diversification into a completely new type of investment. They are a useful grey area to make finding the ratio between stocks and bonds, that little bit easier. I also think their merit holds despite the common objection: “I already own my house.”

The complications come in the cycles, they’re messy! Various REIT cycles are not in sync with other types of REITs, so the whole bigger picture is much more difficult to understand as a whole.

REITs are stocks that can grow and offer fixed income at the same time, which is bizarre in a good way. They’re also are best suited to investors with a long term view who aren’t wanting quarter-to-quarter earnings surprises.

Chris Morrissey

Chris started in financial advisory, assembling client portfolios with pension companies and investment banks. Following that, he worked at an agricultural commodities trader in London and now various "fintech" start-ups. He's also studying business full-time at Lancaster University. Feel bewildered by the stock market? Chris will help you get things under control.

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