Funding Universe

Gigantic database of company profilesΒ for doing your research. Has theΒ stock’s history, growth, and future outlook. Facts about location, size, sales etc.

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Dividend List

A list of all the companies out there that have paid or grown a dividend consistently for long periods of time.

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The best free stock screener in my opinion. You can filter by almost any preference. Best used in conjuction with Ycharts and remember to save screeners when finished for future use.

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JPMorgan 2019 Q1 Investing Guide

JPMorgan's data on the market's valuation, the usefulness of various metrics, and of various investment approaches. Gives clues to the stage of the cycle we're in.

The Intelligent Investor (Full and Free)

The book that started it all. Compulsory reading for everyone involved with money. A book summary on this won't do, I recommend getting your own copy.

Whale Wisdom

Filter the stocks insiders and institutions are buying and selling. See what stock price they switch from sell side to buy side and get the company filings easily.

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Base Hit Investing

Blog covering many topics around investing. Particularly interesting reads about competitive advantages, banks, oil, insurance, and rail to support primers found here.

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Podcast called 'Focused Compounding' that's kept current and is good quality. Also a blog of stock ideas that are easy to read.

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Corner of Berkshire and Fairfax

A fairly high quality forum for value investors to share ideas, strategies, and questions. Look up stock symbols you're researching

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The lowest cost (free) broker for US citizens. Well populated with stocks and simple to set up.

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Value and Opportunity

Place to look up the meaning of stock fundamentals and scan for golden nuggets of investing know-how.

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The best paid screener around. Filter through stocks in every country to find prospects and enjoy all the other market info a subscription gets you. This for more serious investors.

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Damodaran's Valuation Course

Aswath Damodaran works at NYU teaching stock valuation. His lessons aren't easy to follow but are free.

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Another screener. This one is paid again but easy to use and has very helpful graphs. I use this to screen with Gurufocus.

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Ivey Business School

Some golden research papers about investing for improving to your stock analysis process.

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Reading Financial Reports

An annual report is unfamiliar terrain to many people. This guide helps you understand the numbers and learn about companies.

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Valuing Cyclical Stocks

Very to the point about how to value companies that do well in certain seasons (Christmas). Best understood after my course.

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An Approach to Stock Filters

A paper about how to get the most out of your screening, once you know the filters you want to apply.

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Practice investing harm-free before putting any real money down. Simple app to use and you can even win money for gains.

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Everything Warren Buffett has said about everything, ever. An afternoon spent on this site will make you smarter.

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Get your hands on the financial reports of almost any company out there, in seconds, for free.

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Cold call former employees of businesses you are researching. The best resource out there for scuttlebutt.

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SeekingAlpha Transcripts

When companies report earnings, here are the transcripts of what CEOs said. Wouldn't otherwise use SA.

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What's Worked in Investing

A paper that explains the usefulness of different investment strategies and financial metrics for judging stocks.

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A list of famous investors that have given back a lot of their insights. Good people to research.

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Yield Curves

If you see yield curves on this site inverting, that's a recession signal.

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More to come!